Grundfos TP 40-80/2 AFI-BQQE-CX1

Grundfos TP 40-80/2 AFI-BQQE-CX1

The Grundfos TP series is the world's most comprehensive range of vertical inline pumps, known for high levels of reliability and efficiency. The TP pumps are standard equipped with low-noise, highly efficient IE3 motors. Also, all pumps are electrophoresis coated to ensure high corrosion resistance.

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• District heating installations
• Heating systems
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Cooling systems
• Industrial systems
• Cooling systems
• Industrial systems

• Medium temperature -25 C to +150 ºC
• PN 6/10, PN 10, PN16 and PN25
• Ambient temperature up to max. 60 °C
• The impeller is hydraulically and mechanically balanced to increase the life of the shaft seals and motor bearings
• TP pumps are equipped with highly efficient IE3 motors for lower energy consumption
• Top pull-out design

Product name TP 40-80/2 AFI-BQQE-CX1
Productnummer 98346645
EAN nummer 5711493380467

Pump housing Stainless steel
Pump housing EN 1.4308
Pump housing ASTM CF8
Impeller Composite
PES+30% GF
Material code I

Ambient temperature range -30 .. 40 °C
Maximum operating pressure 10 bar
Max. pressure at permissible temp 10 bar / 120 °C
Type of connection DIN
Connection size DN 40
Pressure stage for pipe connection PN 6/10
Installation length 250 mm
Flange size of the motor FT75
Code for pipe connection F.

Fluid handled Water
Liquid temperature range -25 .. 120 °C
Medium temperature during operation 20 ° C
Density 998.2 kg / m³

Motor type 71A
Rated power – P2 0.25 kW
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Rated voltage 1 x 220-240 V
Rated current 1.75-2.04 A
Starting current 540-520 %
Cos phi – power factor 0.94
Rated speed 2870-2880 rpm
Motor efficiency at rated load 68.8-61.8 %
Pool number 2
Density Class (IEC 34-5) 55 Dust/Jetting
Insulation class (IEC 85) F.
Engine protection PTO
Engine No. 98714253

Minimum Efficiency Index, MEI ≥ 0.70
Netto gewicht 13.5 kg
Bruto gewicht 15.5 kg
Transport volume 0.04 m³
Country of origin HU
HS code 84137051
Frequency converter NONE

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