Wangen progressive cavity pumps

Wangen progressive cavity pumps

The Wangen hygienic spiral pumps are very suitable for use in the food industry and meet the highest quality requirements of the customer in the field of hygiene. Many different media can be pumped with these pumps, including dairy, drinks, fats and meat mass. The Wangen hygienic worm pumps are maintenance-friendly, easy and quick to clean and pump products without causing product damage. Five different versions are available: Wangen KB-SL, Wangen KL-SL, Wangen KL-RL, Wangen KL-RF and the newly developed Wangen Hyline.
Brand Wangen
Pump type Progressive cavity pump
Max. pressure (bar) 48
Max. capacity (m3 / h) 259
Max. viscosity (mPas) 1000000
Materials Stainless steel
Specific characteristics Wastewater, Dosage, Electric, Hygienic
Maximum system pressure:48 bar
Maximum capacity:259 m³ / h
Viscosity:1000000 mPas
  • Very high variability - many different designs, materials and connections possible.
  • Low Life - Cycle costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide viscosity range
  • Suitable for many applications - different media
  • Dairy
  • Syrups / pastes
  • Drinks
  • Fats
  • Meat mass
  • Feed, discharge and recirculation pump

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