Pump overhauls and repairs by Inventflow


Inventflow is your partner for a quick overhaul of your pump and maintenance of your entire range of pumps. Your pump will be overhauled on site or at one of our service locations, depending on which is the best option for you. 

Every pump revision is recorded completely digitally, in order to provide you with complete insight into our work.


  • Our team of engineers is specialized in the field of pumps
  • Overhaul of almost every type and brand of pump (brand independent)
  • Both possible on location or in one of our own service locations
  • Very clear inspection report and a transparent cost structure

Which pump brands have Inventflow serviced?

We are brand independent. So you can have almost any type and brand of pump overhauled. Common brands include Grundfos, Hilge, Wangen, Egger, Yamada, DEPA, Graco, ARBO, ELRO, Seepex, Hovap, Travaini, KSB, Fristam, Netzsch, Waukesha, Goulds and Bornemann.

Our method

During the overhaul of a pump, the pump is disassembled, inspected and it is determined which parts need to be overhauled or replaced. After the inspection you will receive a quote. The work will not be carried out until you approve.

Benefits of pump overhauls

Overhauling a pump has several advantages. It is a sustainable solution that optimizes the life of the pump. Costs are thereby limited, as the pump does not need to be replaced. The pump will also perform optimally again, which increases productivity.

Cost structure of pump overhaul

After inspecting your pump, it will be determined which parts of the pump need to be overhauled or replaced. You will receive a clear quotation in which the costs per part and the required work are specified. Only if you agree, Inventflow will carry out the pump overhaul.

Inspection report pump overhaul

You will receive a report in which all work on your pump is digitally recorded. This gives you insight into the condition of each part of your pump and the chosen follow-up action.

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