Roll up your sleeves during our on-site pump training!

Roll up your sleeves during our on-site pump training!

We are coming to you!

This year we were once again able to organize a series of successful pump and mechanical seal training courses on location. Do you also want to (learn to) tinker with different pump types with your team with the necessary theoretical knowledge? Our pump specialists are happy to give you training, tailored to your field.

What can you expect?

In the theory part of the training you will learn about the basics of pumping. For example, you get to know the different pump types, read pump graphs and select pumps based on applications. In the practical part you disassemble and assemble a pump under supervision. You also gain knowledge and skills for exchanging the seal.

What is covered during the training?

During the varied training, tailored to the field of the participants, the important basic principles of pumps and seals are discussed. Among other things, the following will be covered:

• The basics of pumps
• Explanation of different pump types
• Reading and understanding pump charts
• Making pump selections based on applications and process conditions
• Pump condition monitoring & failure analyses
• Mechanical seal types, tread and material combinations and more
• Dismantling and mounting a pump under supervision
• Practical tips & tricks
• And much more!

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