Successful collaborations

In recent years Inventflow has had many projects and collaborations, read more about our successful collaborations here. 

Vion Food Group

Two pump versions for multiple applications.

In the search for a new pump solution, Vion Groenlo faced a major challenge. Together with Inventflow, the right pumps were selected that meet all Vion requirements. 

Groot Zevert Fermentation

The Green Minerals Centrale

Due to the many different processes that take place at the power plant, many different mediums are used. As a result, there are more than 100 pumps at the plant, each with their own properties. Inventflow's Service Center maps all pumps, including their current condition, energy consumption, parts, etc. Now read the entire story about the processes at the Green Mineral Plant of Groot Zevert fermentation. 

To collaborate? Our pump specialists are ready to help you


I want Bolletje!

“All-round technicians are all-round, but to properly adjust and maintain a pump, you still need specialism and knowledge. For us it is faster, better and cheaper to hire a specialist, so that our own technicians can keep the focus on other important work”.


On to a billion cans per year

“The Service Center gives us insight into which pumps are in the factory, with associated spare parts and documentation such as data sheets. An important advantage is that you are open to changes. When we give feedback, something is really done with it.”


From delicious feta cheese to fresh buttermilk

Özgazi is Europe's largest producer of soft white feta cheese, with production volumes of 100,000+ kilos per day and also a highly valued customer of Inventflow for over 14 years. Together with Vural Aktürk, Deputy Director at Özgazi, we took a look behind the scenes.


From Crystal Clear to Pepsi produced in Bunnik

Vrumona has been a highly valued customer of Inventflow for over ten years. So it's high time to pay a visit and talk about what makes the collaboration successful.


Knowledge is power

“Inventflow suits us because the company has an accessible approach, does not have a rigid organization, listens and thinks along, operates more or less independently, takes responsibility and together we are working on improvements.”

Customer story optimal pump selection by Inventflow

Meeting strict hygiene requirements and pumping complex media presented a major challenge.

“I think the collaboration is really great. Last year we went to Inventflow, when we attended a pump training, which was great. Fantastically prepared. I can always reach you, either by phone or WhatsApp. Communication is always very pleasant and smooth”.

VP Systems

From manure processor to producer of sustainable minerals

VP-Systems has been working with Inventflow for years, especially for the supply and maintenance of Grundfos pumps. The intelligent dosing pumps from Grundfos fulfill important roles in various parts of the air washer. 

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