Twin screw pumps: what advantages does the hygienic pump offer for your process?

Twin screw pumps: what advantages does the hygienic pump offer for your process?

Hilge Novatwin: properties of the pump design

Twin screw pumps are positive displacement pumps with rotating spindles that rotate into each other without contact, so that the medium is moved in axial direction. The pump design offers many valuable features, including: a constant, pulsation-free liquid flow, optimal hygiene (EHEDG, 3A), capacities up to 310 m³/h and a viscosity range up to 1,000,000 mPas.

The most suitable applications

With the Novatwin, you use one pump to run and clean production, with variable speeds up to 3000 rpm. The self-priming capacity of up to 8 meters makes the application area very large. The twin screw pump is used for pumping (hygienic) viscous media without solid components. This includes dairy products, meat, fruit, sugar and chocolate mixtures, animal feed, cosmetics and chemicals.

Features of the Hilge Novatwin twin screw pump

Twin screw pumps are part of our hygienic pump solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Read about the distinctive features and benefits of the pump type:
• Pulsation-free: constant pulsation-free liquid flow
• Viscosity range: maximum viscosity of 1,000,000 mPas
• Capacity: maximum capacity of 310 m³/h
• Busy: maximum working pressure of 30 bar
• NPSH: low NPSH required
• Compact design without dead space and stagnation zones
• Hygiene: quick and easy to clean manually (EHEDG, 3A)
• Vulnerable media: very suitable for fragile and shear sensitive products
• CIP: product and CIP with one pump (no additional CIP pump required)
• High suction capacity (self-priming)

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