Do you also experience high replacement costs for mechanical seals?

The crucial part of your pump: the mechanical seal

Damage to the mechanical seal is the most common reason for a pump to shut down. In addition, failures, leaks and decreased performance are usually the result of problems with the seal.

Replace directly for flawless performance?

It is essential that your mechanical seals work flawlessly. But is it necessary to replace the seal immediately in the event of a defect? Experience shows that mechanical seals can often be overhauled, which can lead to cost savings of up to 70%.

Request your free mechanical seal revision crate now!
To make it as easy as possible for you to benefit from the advantages of mechanical seal revision, we have created the Inventflow mechanical seal revision crate. We supply the crate free of charge, in which you can store your damaged seals. The crate is emptied monthly, after which you are provided with reconditioned seals in top condition.

Seal engineering in-house
We provide custom solutions for (high-end) applications where standard mechanical seals cannot be used. Engineering of special seals based on your application is fully managed in-house.


  • Reduce replacement costs: have your seals remanufactured and reduce your replacement costs to 70%.
  • Brand and type independent: we supply and overhaul all your necessary seals, for both pumps and agitators.
  • Large stock: does your seal need to be replaced? With 5000+ seals in stock, we are at your service quickly.
  • Completely in-house: the revision and engineering of seals is carried out entirely in-house.
  • Short lines: Do you have a calamity due to a defective seal? Contact us and you will be supported immediately.
  • The right seal for your application: Has damage been caused by using an incorrect seal? We provide you with a suitable alternative!

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