Seepex Service Partner: Inventflow supports you with complete maintenance!

Seepex Service Partner: Inventflow supports you with complete maintenance!

The power of Seepex worm pumps

Seepex worm pumps are used in a variety of industries for their ability to pump a variety of fluids, including viscous fluids, solid media, metering and more.

Properties such as a very constant, minimally pulsating and accurately dosable flow, a high volumetric efficiency and good suction properties make the pump type an excellent choice for many industries that are looking for an efficient and reliable pump.

Inventflow as your Seepex Service Partner

At Inventflow we are proud of our rich history and years of experience with Seepex worm pumps. Over the years we have been able to support countless customers in the supply and maintenance of Seepex pumps.

The demand for maintenance and parts for Seepex pumps is growing steadily. To provide you with short lead times, we maintain an extensive stock of parts and a team of 20 certified and trained service technicians.

So do your pumps need maintenance or do you quickly need pump parts or support in the event of an emergency? Our team is available 24/7!

Seepex worm pumps: Service & Maintenance by Inventflow

  • Installed Base map: all your pumps are included in our online platform, giving you easy access to pump and motor data, documentation, service history and more
  • Short service times: ample service capacity and stock of pump parts
  • Trained service technicians: 20 Seepex trained service technicians available
  • 24/7 Service & Support: our engineers are there for you at all times
  • Partnership: We also support you during the entire lifespan of your Seepex pumps after purchase or maintenance

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Available 24/7 for calamities

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