Seepex BN pumps in your process? Have them upgrade to SCT pumps!

Upgrade your Seepex BN worm pumps

The upgrade from Seepex BN pumps to Seepex SCT pumps is an important step in optimizing industrial processes and can lead to significant performance improvements, increased efficiency and reduced operating costs. Below is a brief explanation of why and how to perform this upgrade.

The benefits of the upgrade: Seepex BN to SCT pumps

The Seepex BN pumps have been one for years reliable choice for industrial applications. They are designed to transfer a range of liquids with different viscosities and solids. However, despite their strong performance, they have their limits. For example, they can be costly to maintain and it can be difficult to replace the rotor and stator.

Therefore, it may make sense to consider upgrading your pumps to the Seepex SCT (Smart Conveying Technology). The SCT series is a further development of the BN series and is designed to overcome some of the disadvantages of the BN series. One of the greatest benefits of the SCT series is the improved serviceability. The SCT series has a modular design that makes replacing the rotor and stator easy. This can lead to a significant reduction in the maintenance time and costs. In addition, the service life of the SCT series parts is generally longer than that of the BN series, which can lead to a doubling the tool life.

Unlocking the potential: upgrading from Seepex BN to SCT pumps

Upgrading from Seepex BN pumps to Seepex SCT pumps can provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved serviceability: Seepex SCT pumps have a modular design that makes replacing the rotor and stator considerably easier. This can mean a significant reduction in maintenance time and costs.
  • Longer component life: The SCT Series components typically have a longer service life than the BN Series, which can result in a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Better handling of liquids and solids: The SCT Series is designed to handle a wider variety of liquids and solids, including more abrasive and viscous materials. This makes them suitable for an even wider range of industrial applications.
  • Improved efficiency: The advanced technology and design elements of the SCT Series can lead to increased operational efficiency, further reducing energy and operating costs.
  • Improved process reliability: The enhanced design and construction features of the SCT Series can contribute to increased process reliability and consistency, which is essential in many industrial applications.
  • Reduced downtime: Easier maintenance procedures and longer component life can significantly reduce downtime for maintenance or replacements, resulting in higher productivity.
  • Better handling of wear: Due to the improved design, the SCT pumps are more able to handle wear, which can extend the life of the pump and improve the overall return on investment.

In summary, upgrading from Seepex BN to SCT pumps is an excellent way to improve the efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of your pump installations.

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