Service Center 3.0

Control your production processes

Discover the power of Service Center 3.0


Control with our unique dashboard

Complete control and real-time status of all pumps. The dashboard gives the user direct access to real-time information regarding their pumps. This includes service level information such as mechanical seal status.

24/7 support per email or telephone, meaning reduce downtime.

Birds-eye-view of all pumps at your facility

All pumps at a specific location are registered in the Service Center 3.0. This allows for efficient communication between you and Inventflow. When an issue arises, all we need is a reference number and we can pull up all information regarding the pump.

Service level

Preventive maintenance is the key behind Inventflow’s success. We address problems before they become a problem. The Service Center monitors and tracks maintenance intervals and lets the user know when maintenance should be performed. This is displayed with a service-level indicator.


All information one click away

When a user zooms into the service level indicator, the Service Center 3.0 displays a full overview of details regarding the pump. This reduce the time it takes to find information regarding the mechanical seal or impeller. Various photos of the pump are made for more in depth information.

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