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Sercive center pumps maintenance

Control your production processes

The Inventflow Service Center is a valuable and user-friendly online tool in which all your pumps are listed. The Service Center is designed to give you full control over your production process at all times through your web browser.

The benefits of our Service Center

control and insight

Control and insights into your production processes with the current status of all your pumps

Preventive maintenance

Prevents unnecessary damage and downtime through preventive maintenance based on reliable data

direct communication

Direct communication with Inventflow on specific product level (24/7)

maintenance status

Service level indication for each pump, which enables preventive maintenance based on this indicator


Overview of all your pumps on site level, based on your production process.

specific product information

Product information and documentation for each pump at your fingertips

inventflow service center pumps

Control through the unique dashboard

Your have full control of your pumps through maintenance levels. The dashboard immediately provides you with up-to-date information regarding the service level of the process components, as well as communication between you and Inventflow on specific product level.

We guarantee direct contact with our specialists 24/7, thus you are ensured of optimal service.

Overview of all pumps on site level

All pumps included in Inventflow Service Center, are shown at a glance. It optimizes communication between users and Inventflow. Comments like; “That blue pump there on the left under the steps” are a thing of the past. Clear and direct communication is ensured, because of which information is exchanged quickly and adequately.

Service level

Preventive maintenance requires clarity and insight into the current service level of process equipment. Inventflow offers the possibility, together with you as a user, to set up a preventive maintenance regime. This then translates into a clear indication at product level.

The service level indicator informs you immediately of the maintenance status and when a pomp is due for maintenance.

Service center pump maintenance
inventflow pump maintenance almelo

All information at your fingertips

When you zoom in on product level, the Service Center offers you complete insights. You will find general information under the overview tab and all maintenance history under the log tab.

Product photos are also available for verification and you can communicate directly with Inventflow through the comments field.

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