Total Costs of Ownership: look beyond the purchase costs of your pumps

Pump selection and total costs of ownership (TCO)

When purchasing a pump, not only the purchase price is important. In fact, the purchase price is only a fraction of the total operating costs of a pump during its entire lifespan.

In order to arrive at the right pump selection, it is important to consider the 'total costs of ownership', consisting largely of energy and maintenance costs.

What are the total costs of ownership of a pump?

  • Energy consumption
  • Service & maintenance
  • Purchase costs
  • Operational costs
  • Downtime (unplanned and for maintenance)
  • Installation and removal costs

Important considerations for optimal pump selection

  • Pump type: selection of the correct pump type based on your application
  • System curves: the duty point should be within the operating area of the pump for optimum load and efficiency
  • Efficiency: correct matching of the pump housing and the impeller diameter for optimal efficiency and energy consumption
  • Control and monitoring: selection of the correct pump control to avoid unnecessary energy consumption
  • Drive: electric motors with the highest possible IE class drastically reduce energy consumption

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