From reactive to proactive pump maintenance with periodic vibration measurements

Why have vibration measurements carried out?

Preventing defects and thus unnecessary damage to your pumps is the goal of vibration measurements. Vibrations are one of the most important indicators for determining the condition of a pump.

Excessive vibration is a symptom of internal problems such as bearing failure, imbalance, misalignment, cavitation and resonance. Vibration measurements can be used to locate pump failures at an early stage, after which correct action can be taken.

Periodic vibration measurements by Inventflow

Analyzing and interpreting measurement data requires specialist knowledge. Therefore, vibration measurements are only performed by experienced pump specialists.

By periodically monitoring vibration values, trends of increasing vibration values can be identified. This will prevent unexpected downtime and take a big step towards proactive maintenance.

Advantages of vibration measurements:

  • Predictability: vibration measurements give you early insight into the maintenance required for your pumps
  • Reliability: well-maintained pumps suffer less from unforeseen failures, reducing downtime
  • Reduction in maintenance costs: by avoiding unnecessary consequential damage and overhauls, maintenance costs are reduced
  • Longer maintenance intervals: if your condition is monitored, maintenance can be scheduled based on need and not just on the number of operating hours
  • Energy savings: the higher the maintenance level, the lower the energy losses and additional costs

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