TRY & BUY: live pump condition monitoring has never been so accessible!

TRY & BUY: live pump condition monitoring has never been so accessible!

Try & Buy: the opportunity to try condition monitoring of your pumps, without investment

We believe in the added value of condition monitoring of your pumps to the reliability of your installations. Last year we presented our pump monitoring services in collaboration with ABB. We would like to make these techniques accessible to everyone with the Try & Buy option.

This means that the performance of your critical pumps is monitored live by one of our data analysts, without any investment from you. You will also be proactively provided with advisory reports with valuable insights and concrete improvements.

What does Try & Buy mean? For a period of three months you test up to 20 sensors, which includes onboarding, installation, analysis and an evaluation session by one of our data analysts. You only invest when the desired result has been achieved.

ABB Sensors: what is being measured?

The performance of your pumps is monitored (live) based on vibrations (axial, radial, tangential), speed (rpm), temperature, operating hours and number of starts/stops.

Why Inventflow for condition monitoring of your pumps?

Why ABB Smart Sensors for your pumps?

• Cost effective: €250 – €450 per sensor
Measurements: In addition to vibrations, it also measures temperature, speed (RPM), operating hours and starts/stops
Accurate detection of early stage vibrations (100 Hz – 20 kHz)
Advanced logarithms based on results from 400,000+ rotating assets
Wireless communication via Bluetooth with a Gateway
ATEX, IECEx and NEC 500 certified
Online platform + app (ABB)
Measurement results also included in the Inventflow Service Center

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