Excellent hygiene, efficiency and easy maintenance: the Fristam FDS

Maximum efficiency, superior hygiene: the Fristam FDS

The Fristam FDS positive displacement pump combines the advantages of twin screw technology with high quality standards. The pump is versatile, ideal for highly viscous products, but can also transport water or cleaning solutions at high speeds. This makes the use of an additional pump for cleaning processes superfluous.

It can withstand extreme viscosities and high differential pressures. The pump offers superior hygiene and can be sterilized. The compact size and design allow for easy inspection and maintenance, and the high-quality materials and workmanship ensure reliability.

The Fristam FDS screw spindle pump in the spotlight

The Fristam FDS screw spindle pump is perfectly equipped for handling extreme viscosities and intensive loads, where it problem-free high differential pressures can withstand without overheating. The axial transport principle contributes to minimal pulsationseven under the heaviest pressure conditions. An additional plus of the FDS is the superior hygiene, guaranteed by the mechanical seals located in fully flushed and pressure stable areas.

Residue is not an issue when cleaning the pump in CIP, thanks to the absence of voids. The Fristam FDS is not alone completely hygienic, but is also suitable for sterilization. The compact size and the specially designed bearings make it possible to use the Fristam FDS both horizontally and vertically to install. The pump is characterized by easy maintenance and inspection: Replacing seals and conveying elements is a simple and quick procedure.

Special version FDS TSG

The new two-speed Fristam gearbox – an energy-efficient upgrade for manufacturers looking to minimize their energy consumption and reduce both their initial and operating costs. Suitable for pumping small quantities of highly viscous products and large quantities of thin product such as CIP, it is the ideal pump for a process with a wide range of flow rates.

Explore the benefits of Fristam FDS screw screw pumps

  • Robust and reliable: Fristam FDS screw-spindle pumps are renowned for their durability and reliability, even under the most demanding process conditions.
  • Hygienic design: the compact and hygienic design makes the pumps easy to clean and maintain, helping to comply with strict hygiene standards.
  • Smooth, vibration-free flow: the pumps provide an even and vibration-free flow, which helps to minimize foaming and air intake. This is essential when processing sensitive products.
  • Energy Efficiency: Fristam FDS screw-spindle pumps are designed for low energy consumption, resulting in efficient performance and lower operating costs.
  • Customizable: the pumps can be adapted to specific process requirements and are available with different options and accessories to meet unique application needs.
  • Preservation of product integrity: the pumps are ideally suited for handling sensitive products such as food, beverages and medicines, and help to maintain product integrity.

Invest in Fristam FDS screw spindle pumps and improve the efficiency and productivity of your process while reducing operational costs.

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