Extend service life and save with thermosyphon seal flushing

Extend service life and save with thermosyphon seal flushing

Traditional seal flushing

Friction between the two running surfaces of a mechanical seal creates heat, whereby too high temperatures cause wear and seal failure. To prevent this, lubrication between the surfaces by means of a cool and stable liquid film is essential. The traditional method to facilitate this is the 'quench to drain' method, which entails enormous water wastage. Thermosyphon seal flushing is an excellent alternative for this.

The thermosyphon principle: how does it work?

The pressure vessel contains a cooled liquid, selected on the basis of the medium to be pumped, which functions as a liquid film. The liquid flows from the pressure vessel into the seal in a natural way, which cools the seal. The friction between the running surfaces heats the liquid, which then flows back to the vessel, where it is cooled again. As a result, the medium flows in a circuit, which drastically reduces water wastage.

Inventflow Seal Support System

The system can be used without overpressure to provide cooling at medium loads to avoid crystallization of waterborne solutions. It also prevents abrasive particles from the process fluid from damaging the running surfaces and protects against dry running.

Benefits of the Inventflow thermosyphon seal support system

• Extended service life: thermosyphon seal flush reduces damage and wear and extends the service life of your seals
• Water saving: the thermosyphon method reduces water consumption to 90% compared to traditional seal flushing
• Energy saving: the amount of water that can reach the product along the treads is reduced to an absolute minimum, so that otherwise necessary evaporation processes are no longer necessary
• Reduced operating costs: the system requires minimal maintenance and reduces the need to replace seals
• Profitable investment with a short payback period due to the savings on water, energy, operational and replacement costs
• Sustainable solution: the water and energy savings and improved service life of seals makes the system a sustainable solution

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