The pump for high-pressure applications: Wanner Hydra-Cell (up to 345 bar!)

The Wanner Hydra-Cell high-pressure pump

Wanner Hydra-Cell high pressure pumps are reliable, versatile and energy efficient pumps used in a variety of industries including chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper industries. They can handle aggressive liquids, require little maintenance and are capable of moving liquids with solid particles.

Success story: replacement high-pressure pumps for crate washing installation

It is a well-known challenge for many production companies in the beverage industry, crates covered with stickers from transport companies and supermarkets. To reuse the crates, they must of course be thoroughly cleaned, for which so-called crate washing installations have been designed.

The requested pump had to be suitable for pumping filtered well water of approx. 45℃ with slight traces of lye (< 0.5%) and a capacity of 100 litres/min at a pressure of 80 bar.

Wanner Hydra-Cell high-pressure pumps: the advantages at a glance

  • No shaft seals and completely leak and emission free.
  • The pump is suitable for viscous products and products with solid particles (max. 1.5 mm).
  • Suitable for pressures up to 345 bar and high temperatures (max. 130°C).
  • Low NPSH requirements - no positive suction pressure required.
  • Continues to perform with a closed or blocked suction line and can run dry indefinitely without damage.
  • Unique diaphragm design handles corrosive media with minimal wear.
  • Diaphragms are hydraulically balanced to handle high pressures.
  • Robust construction for long life with minimal maintenance.
  • Lower energy costs than centrifugal pumps.

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