Inventflow Weert two months after opening: how are things going?

Inventflow Weert two months after opening: how are things going?

Two months after the start

In the meantime, our new location in Weert has been officially open for two months. But what does our team look like and what have we achieved so far? We are happy to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments within Inventflow.

Our top team in the south

Our team in Weert is growing and now consists of 7 driven talents. The 1000 m² of space is well used and the maintenance work from the new location is increasing strongly. An extensive stock of pumps and spare parts is currently being built in order to serve our customers in the south even faster.

Get to know our team: Fabiënne van Houts

The time has come, the Weert branch is open! After a lot of arrangements and many deliveries, it is now really starting to run. Our ambition is starting to take shape, our service is starting to grow, the technicians are in full swing and the location is starting to fill up more and more.

My name is Fabiënne van Houts, work planner in Weert. It is with great pleasure that I work to ensure that the Weert branch is also a success! We hope to be able to provide you with good service even faster thanks to our new location. Do you have any questions or do you just want to get to know us bell Then rest assured, Inventflow Weert is now available day and night for you!

Contact us

+31 (0)546 45 80 72

Available between 08:15 and 17:00

Available 24/7 for calamities

Address Twentepoort Oost 25, 7609RG Almelo


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