worm pumps

Which worm pump do you need?

Seepex progressive cavity pump CS

Seepex worm pumps series CS are very suitable for the pharmacy, cosmetics and food and chemical industry. The pumps have CIP and SIP capabilities and meet the highest requirements with regard to hygiene, cleaning and sterilization.

Seepex progressive cavity pump T

Seepex series T screw pumps are used for pumping highly viscous or non-liquid productsThe suction power of the standard Seepex series N pump is not sufficient to prime such products through a suction line. That is why the Seepex series T has an inlet funnel and other aids for an optimal product supply.

Wangen progressive cavity pumps

The Wangen hygienic worm pumps are very suitable for use within the food industry and meet the highest quality requirements of the customer in the field of hygiene.

The pumps are maintenance-friendly, easy and quick to clean and pump products without causing product damage.

Seepex worm pump N

Seepex series N worm pumps are used and pumped in many branches of industry high and low viscous liquids and products with a high proportion of solids.

Seepex progressive cavity pump D

Seepex series D worm pumps are used for delivery and the dosing small amounts in almost all branches of industry.

The pumps are particularly suitable for dosing with low pulsation of both low and high viscous media, but also media with solids and chemically aggressive media with very high precision.

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