The advantages and properties of progressive capacity pumps

Advantages and properties of progressive capacity pumps

The pump design has several unique features, making it an attractive option for a variety of applications. One of these properties is the very constant, minimally pulsating and accurately dosing flow.

We would be happy to tell you more about the features, benefits and common applications of this pump type.

Common applications

The pump type is ideal for; highly viscous pastes or slurries, sensitive liquids, media with solids, abrasive and aggressive media. Due to a wide variety of designs and materials, the pumps are used in a wide variety of processes, from pumping foodstuffs to chemical liquids.

How progressive cavity pumps work

Progressive cavity pumps are positive displacement pumps that are extremely suitable for pumping liquids with a high viscosity, but also function well for the transport of thin liquids.

The pumps have a helical rotor with a circular cross section. The stator has a passage which is helical. When the rotor rotates, the medium moves between the stator and rotor in axial direction from the suction side to the discharge side.

Progressive cavity pumps have been developed for pumping low to high viscous, aggressive and abrasive substances. These materials can also contain abrasive and hard particles. Progressive cavity pumps are used in many different industries, including the food industry, the beverage industry, paper mills, oil processing and chemical mills.

8 advantages and properties of eccentric screw pumps

  • Suitable for high pressures: progressive capacity pumps can achieve high pressures, allowing liquids difficult to pump to be pumped over considerable distances
  • Constant flow: extremely suitable when a constant flow is required, even with a variable viscosity of the medium
  • Accurate dosing: minimal pulsation makes it possible to dose media very accurately
  • Excellent suction properties: progressive capacity pumps are a good solution for challenging suction conditions
  • Maintenance-friendly: wear parts are easy to replace
  • Reversible rotation and flow
  • Wide choice of various stator materials 
  • Various rotor / stator geometries available

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