Ensure the cleanest production: hygienic pumps that make the difference

The importance of hygiene in pump systems: the expertise of Inventflow

At Inventflow we specialize in selecting, supplying and maintaining pump systems, with a strong focus and extensive expertise in hygienic pumps. We are aware that the choice of the right hygienic pump is essential for processes where cross-contamination, product integrity and safety are important.

From hygienic centrifugal pumps to diaphragm pumps

At Inventflow we offer a wide range of hygienic pumps, including centrifugal, and lobe pumps, as well as advanced dosing and diaphragm pumps. These pumps are characterized by their easy-to-clean surfaces and high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and aggressive cleaning agents.

The hygienic high-pressure pump

The Hilge Hygia H is designed for industries that place high demands on hygiene and reliability and applications where high pressures are required (up to 64 bar). A typical application area of the hygienic high-pressure pump is membrane filtration such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF).

Inventflow: your specialist in hygienic pump solutions

  • Hilge partner for the Benelux for 15 years
  • Extensive expertise: with our extensive knowledge and experience we can assure you of optimal pump selections for hygienic applications.
  • Large stock: we maintain a large stock of spare parts and at least 40 hygienic pumps.
  • Short service times: receive a customized quote within 24 hours.
  • Service Capacity: with branches in Almelo and Weert and 21 trained and certified service engineers, we are at your service at all times.
  • 24/7 Service & Support: you can always contact our team with questions or calamities.

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