Controlling your pumps has never been easier

Control your pumps with Grundfos Level Controllers

The Grundfos Level Controller (LC) is designed for monitoring and protection of Grundfos pump systems with one or two pumps.

With a comprehensive range of functions and great flexibility, you can easily control and monitor your pump systems. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes daily checking, supervision and commissioning very simple.

Simple configuration, alerts and pump data

The Grundfos LC is easy to configure and connect to any SCADA system. This gives you remote access to your pump systems, you can control the pumps and you have access to information such as pump performance and warnings.

You can also monitor long-term performance of the system to determine whether maintenance is required. In case of warnings, the Grundfos GO app provides you with simple solutions and measures.

Benefits of Grundfos Level Controllers

  • Easy installation, commissioning and user-friendly interface
  • Remotely access your pump systems from anywhere
  • Flexibility: configurable for specific application needs
  • Monitoring: easy integration with SCADA systems
  • Warnings for overload, overheating, dry running, inconsistency, etc.
  • History: logs of pump performance and warnings

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