Egger cantilever pumps

Egger cantilever pumps

Egger cantilever pumps are designed to pump challenging media from the bottom of a tank, well or reservoir without clogging.


The pumps have no shaft seals or bearings that are exposed to the process fluid, allowing for unlimited dry running and easy maintenance. This design is available for the Egger Turo Vortex, TEO and EO / EOS process pumps.


  • Available in various materials: hardened cast iron (55-60 HRC), 1.4593, 1.4588 and more
  • Temperatures above 100 °C are no problem
  • Free passage up to 150mm
  • Clog-free (also for gloves, rope, etc.)
  • No shaft seal or bearings in the pit
  • Unlimited dry running possible, so no damage is caused to the pump if level measurement is defective
  • The pit can be completely emptied when a suction pipe is installed, up to 8 cm from the bottom.
  • Available for ATEX zone 1 and 2 (zone 0 also possible with shaft seal)


Egger cantilever pumps are used in various industries, including:

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Automotive industry
  • Steel industry
  • Environmental technology
  • Paper and fiber processing industries

Read more about the design and advantages of the Egger cantilever pumps below:

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