The unique features and advantages of ELRO peristaltic pumps

Applications and important features

Peristaltic pumps are ideally suited for pumping aggressive, abrasive and highly viscous media. The most important properties of the pump type are that they do not have a mechanical seal, can run dry indefinitely and have a very constant flow.

ELRO M300 slangenpomp

The mobile all-round peristaltic pump

The ELRO M300 is a mobile peristaltic pump that pumps a wide range of applications with flow rates up to 20 m³/h, including contaminated and viscous media.

The compact and light design makes the pump flexible and versatile for all kinds of tasks within your processes and in emergencies.

6 unique features and advantages of ELRO peristaltic pumps

  • Very constant flow: both the pump flow and the suction power of the pump remain very constant
  • Extremely high flow velocity up to 46m³/h at constant speed
  • No product damage: the (viscous) medium is pumped in a subtle way without product damage
  • Very maintenance-friendly: ELRO peristaltic pumps are very easy to maintain, with only one wear part. This ensures low maintenance costs and downtime
  • Dry self-priming up to 9.5m (water column) without additional accessories
  • Solids with a diameter of up to 60 mm are no challenge

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