Grundfos introduces a new, patented filtration solution

Grundfos Smart Filtration Suite (SFS)

With the Smart Filtration Suite, Grundfos introduces a new, patented filtration solution. Based on algorithms, this system continuously adjusts the filtration process in a dynamic way.

Grundfos SFS calculates the optimal dosage of anti-scalants in nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) installations. In combination with the frequency controlled Grundfos CRE pumps, optimal flow and pressure conditions are achieved which causes significant savings in water, energy and chemicals.

How ooes it work?

The SFS box installed on site includes a PLC that communicates with the customer’s PLC. As a result, the dosage of anti-scalant in NF or RO systems is controlled automatically and autonomously in real time.

This results in savings on operational costs and a significant improvement in the performance of the system. A pilot installation in an RO system for industrial wastewater treatment resulted in a decrease of 70 percent of chemical usage and seven percent energy savings.

The benefits

  • Optimization of the membrane filtration system
  • Prevents under- or overdose of anti-scalant
  • Sustainable solution: significant savings in water, energy and chemicals
  • Maximizes uptime of your system

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