Problematic pumps disrupt your production process

We solve your biggest pump problems

In almost every process there are pumps that cause an unusual amount of problems and form a bottleneck. Let us solve your biggest challenges and problems regarding pumps on a no cure no pay basis.

Whether it concerns cavitation, mechanical seals that fail continuously, not achieving the required flow / pressure or pumps that fail due to a challenging medium, we find a solution.

Why optimal pump selection is challenging, but crucial

A problematic pump is almost always the result of incorrect pump selection. With the virtually endless choice between pump types and versions, selecting the optimal pump can be a major challenge.

Do you have one or more ‘problem pumps’? Then contact us! We always find a solution.

Example: Optimal pump selection for a challenging medium

Pumping pieces of pig skin with water and acid was very problematic for one of our customers for years. One of the causes of this was the dry running of the eccentric screw pumps that were used, which resulted in damaged stators.

Continuity of the production process was hampered and the problems resulted in long working hours for overhauls, limitations in production volume and high costs. At this moment, 12 screw spindle pumps have been installed, based on the medium and customer requirements, which have been operating without any problems for more than three years.

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